interior render in cycles

heres my first try at interior rendering using cycles …

the original reference can be found here

wanted to achieve a more warmer look here …

critiques welcomed…


good modeling but someting is missing !!

Very nice mood! I don’t mind the minimalist setting as it has good colour and light and makes a pleasant, even if not too detailed image, but the window area could use a bit of extra work. The white material looks like plastic which kind of brings down the overall look, and there should be some more lines defining the glass areas, even if you thought of large panes.
I would like to know if you managed the glass material just in Cycles or did you use some compositing / post processing? because last time I tried I couldn’t combine transparency with reflectivness convincingly but here it looks rather well.
Good work :slight_smile:

ps. I think the first angle is a bit awkward, because it’s almost frontal to the cabinets but not really. Maybe you should try either a perfect straight one, (camera perpendicular to the wall) or a more dramatic angle.

Thanks for the kind remarks oanav. The glass is a simple mix shader with transparent bsdf 70% and glossy bsdf having remaining 30% value. Other than that I’ve not anything special there. I wanted to use the standrad glass shader earlier but realized that it was adding a lot to the render time and the noise was too prominant so i switched to a simpler setup. I like ur idea of adding detail to the window area. Will try to incorporate in coming updates.

IT’s has his own style (image) so clear, that’s why i love it.

keeping oanav’s advice in mind … i tried to render a more dynamic camera view of the kitchen… also did some more work on the window area … …

this render uses 2000 samples … with DOF, the render time was 2 hrs on i5 processor with 8gigs of RAM … some compositing to add the glare …


I really like the architecture style.
The only critic I have is that it is maybe a bit too much “perfect”.
For me, the shape of the apples are too much perfect, it need a bit of random/noise in the shape (using something like subdividing the surfaces and adding fractal randomness).
And also using displacement in the material of the table under the apples.