Interior render

I started using Blender couple months ago. Here is my first scene that I did on myself. I rendered it at 2000 samples but it seems it still has some noise. Everything is done in Cycles and the post-processing in the compositor. Also maybe you could give me some advices to make it look better. Waiting your critiques.:slight_smile:

A darker version:

You can’t be very shy with a bathroom like that, or you are very friendly with your neighbours.

The outside view looks like a flat picture stuck to the window, there is no sense of depth. As you say there is still lots of noise, the overall scene looks flat as though it was a really overcast day, even though some areas of the bottom image are really blown out. It’s all too grey dull to me, it needs more life to it.

Well it isn’t my bathroom, it’s a picture I got from internet and I reproduced it. Yea the outside it is actually a picture from cgtextures.:slight_smile: I guess I should’ve add more fill light. The main light was too strong and maybe I processed it too much. Anyway thanks for your comment, my next scene will be better. :yes: