Interior rendering

Hi! New architectural rendering! I took inspiration from an awesome render from Melbourne based Binyan studio. I used models from several websites, including chocofur and the newly launched imeshh.

All done in blender and rendered in cycles. 3k samples, 50 minutes on a 1060 + i7 laptop.

Would love to hear your feedback!


Looks nice, there´s color (warm and cold), style, light on point.

  • but, take a look to the “Focus” and the scale of the wood texture(maybe i´m blind).

Hi Luis, thanks for your comment! Do you think the wood texture is too big or to small? And what about the focus? I think it’s on the chair now (I say I think because it’s been a while since I worked on this scene :smiley: ) , where would you direct it?

umh… true, the focus is on the chair.
The wood looks blury, maybe cause of the focus. As i said “maybe im blind” kkkkk

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I like it. The wooden floor in the foreground seems a bit too smooth for me, compared to the nice bumps seen when it is farther away. But other than that this is a great shot!

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