Interior Rendering

Hi, there!

Today, I started a project of architecture rendering. A lot of brainstorm at a moment. And try to figure out my dream house into Blender. I imagined a reading room and got the idea. I played with some IES lights. Found a great website which the author had archived a lot of IES lights into a bundle. I also found a link where we can create our own IES light. Fantastic! Here is my progress now.

I know that the proportion of the coffee table is not good. I’m trying to add a reading couch first, then add some books and a large painting also. Please drop a or some critique(s) below. Thank you!

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Here’s the next progress… Hoping for some suggestions or critiques.

bump… :evilgrin:


Next will be added:

  • table lamp
  • ies lamps
  • more bevels
  • books
  • coffee cup
  • night scene

Nice modelling sofar, the colors are a bit too saturated for my taste, but let’s wait how you texture the other objects…

I feel too saturated too… haha I just confused how to make the orange color looks more natural. I want the room to be orange-theme.