Interior Renders

My website : was updated with 14 new interior renders.
Please check out. :wink:

Model: Blender 2.6
Render: Maxwell Render

quite nice :slight_smile: though the repetition of books on the shelf on the first one is a bit obvious.

Professional stuff. Yes, the repetition is a bit annoying, especially the white and red book, which is very easy to spot in various locations. Nothing important though.

Maxwell huh? Did you consider using something faster like Octane? What are the rendertimes? I don’t recommend Maxwell any longer. Octane is my render of choice for unbiased stuff (product viz) but for interiors (and architecture in general) I don’t recommend anything other than Vray (and a lot of patience to learn the configs).
In fact, Octane is much cheaper than Maxwell (1/5) and V-ray Standalone (the one that works with Blender) is also half the price and you have a license for 10 machines for distributed rendering.

I’d go with V-ray and maybe 2 or 3 cheapo pcs with FX6100 (they’re very very cheap in LA). This way you can achieve very high quality images in minutes (10-15mins). Not to say that lower quality previews can be rendered in less than a minute. Also, if you ever need animation, V-ray is quite able to do that without needing to contract a renderfarm.