Interior Renovation


im modelling this banquet seat for an interior project, a restaurant. Can anybody help me with the bumps on the flooring? its too flat. I will compile all furnitures i will design before linking then to the floor area…i have along way to go…since im new to blender, though i know the basics of modeling, im poor in lighting and a bit of texturing which are primary elements of good visualizations…:frowning:


have you tried using a bumpmap on the floor?

if it was still too flat for you, there is a tutorial which explains how to model something from bumpmaps…

Re-render it with osa button pressed.

the OSA button worked on removing the jagged edges, thanks! how about the the shadows, though the floor is completely leveled with the furniture, how come they seem to float? i will appreciate any tricks,


ic thanks bro…still doodling the panel buttons,

use indigo :slight_smile:

im not familiar with it, whats it about?

Heres the area im trying to do, still have alot of work…need some crits besides my requirements of a waiting area, a grillage a counter, to recieve orders and a seperate counter for cashier. Whew! in that rectangular space…:spin:


here i came so far with the interior, still working on other furnitures, can someone help me with the lights?

here i came so far with the interior, still working on other furnitures, can someone help me with the lights?


What help with the lights do you need? Most restraunts usualy have lamps that hang down from the ceiling over every table. Then you could place some spot lights (not the Blender spot light, but an actual modeled spot light) over the area where the cash register will be.

how do i make the lamp glows , i wanted to use a frosted yellow or white , s there a tutorial like that makeing a lighting fixture glow?

in progress


If i didn’t misunderstand what u are asking for ,u want your furnitures to touch the floor.

U can make it right this way;

  • Select your furniture and switch to the edit mode
  • Select the very lower face of the furniture that should be in contact with the floor and Press Shift+S,choose Cursor->Selection
  • Press F9 to see the Editing panel,in object mode choose Center Cursor
  • Then Press A to deselect your furnitures and select the floor (this only works if your floor is made of a plane but as far as i see you made it out of a cube,anyway there is still a solution select the upper face of the floor in the edit mode) and Press Shift+S,choose Cursor->Selection
  • Select again the furnitures only and Press Shift+S,choose Selection ->CursorThat’s all! I hope this will be helpfull

thanks! i was saturated with this work, thats why havent thought of moving the vertices and snapping them down with surface floor.

Actually the way i had proposed wasn’t about moving vertices.It is about changing the object center.The whole object is being moved regarding the contacting surface.'Cos if u move vertices it makes your object taller.Anyway,if you are satisfied with the result it is ok.


its just a little increment. anyway this is the prelim design and hoping my boss’ client would appreciate the design massing eventually doing some fine tuning on the furnitures and the overall style or ambiance of this restaurant…detailed 2d plans and measurements with autocad will follow if ever they approve it. its a trial and error for me though and learning experience with blender.

im a little bit confuse on the material naming and texturing and applying. its a trial and error again for me.

i needed to change the booth seats. and linked the chairs i made, so far i am able to tweak the lights too…they didnt like the bamboo wall feature, so i made it to ashlar. i also change the flooring with some texture but did not tweak the bumps:yes::yes:

My Pre-final


wow! i like your work chris! looking forward to the final :smiley: