Interior runtime - PLEASE HELP!!

I am trying to implement a simple runtime of a building interior created in Blender. I have been through tutorials and examined examples but I cannot get the thing to work! All I need is some interactivity for panning in and out, left and right but I am obviously overlooking something. So far I have added the relevant sensors, controllers and actuators to move in to the scene via the up arrow on the keyboard. Running the game engine results in only one element of the scene rotating (without a key being pressed) and then disappearing off the screen!

Any suggestions?



You’ll need to describe your logic brick setup in detail. From the information you have provided I can only guess that you have an always sensor in a place it shouldn’t be in, or maybe you have inverted pulse set.

Post a .blend or a screen shot of your logic brick set up.

Thanks for the reply.

There is more detail on the problem here:

Which physics set are you using? Sumo or Bullet.

As far as I know there are some glitches with bullet when it comes to the force motion actuator. If you are using bullet, switch to sumo.

Your logic brick setup looks fine to me, although I would use an AND controller instead of the OR, but it should work either way.

The only thing that I can think of is the bullet engine bugs. If you are already using sumo and still have this problem, you will probably have to post the .blend.

Sorry, but how do I switch? (wasn’t aware that this was possible).

Go to “shading buttons” (F5), then “world buttons”. In the “Mist/Stars/Physics” Tab, you should see the current set used (either bullet or sumo). Make sure that sumo is selected.

You can also set the general gravity there too.

It was set to sumo.

Can I upload my .blend to the forum?

You cannot upload directly to the forum. You have to use a different hosting service to upload your file to and then link to here.

You can use

You can access the file here, if you wouldn’t mind having a look.


I realise that was a bit of a stupid question! Thanks for your help with this; you’ll be saving my life if I can get a decent result.


To make it “work” you just need to move the camera,
place it “inside” the corridor a bit.
But yor file is far from optimized
Do you realy need all those polys?
Try this template:
It’s a nice mouse look script, already prepared
Just build your “level” around it

I thought he was using that template already.

Anything which is set as a dynamic actor will be governed by the gravity of the physics engine, along with any other laws.

That means your camera needs to stand on a surface. Instead it will just fall down endlessly.

Other than that I have found no other mistakes in your .blend file, but as OTO said it is definitelly too high poly.

I really appreciate your advice guys. I’ll work on losing some polys and not just chuck my camera in space.


Please could someone kind have at look at this file?
I have the movement functionality working correctly but I’m having great difficulty implementing textures and lighting.

If you look at the .blend file, you will see that I have managed to apply a wodden texture to the floor but the walls and other elemets are not having their textures applied.

In the third layer of the file there are some objects that I wanted to include but I assume it will be impossible?

As for the lighting, I don’t know where to start. Can the lights in the file be used in a runtime environment?

try to send us the original file instead of the runtime… so we can try!

The light can be used in the runtime… is a big question!
All my lights are not working and its bright by default.
I heard it seems to be a bug…
What is sure is you will NOT have any shadows or conic lights.
Anyway remember that is a “real time” so its needs far more computing processing: it will not be a perfect result like the rendering!
the overall apperance of the game engine is more determined by the quality of your JPGS and the way you applied them!
if you applied the texture but it dones not fit to all faces, well it will be ugly!
if you apply simply a texture to the flat surface like the floor, the only factor important is the quality of the jpg.

Lights will work, but you need to go into face mode, hit light in the texture tab, and then click copy draw mode.

Don’t expect quality lighting out of the lamps though, they are very simple and therefore the effects won’t be all that realistic.

OTO, I have used the mouse link script in the link you kindly provided but I am finding that the interior walls and objects distort as the camera moves. In comparison with another walkthrough example that Social provided, it looks very odd. Is there something I can change to address this?

My .blend file is here.

How is something set as a dynamic actor?

Hello again

To make it “work” you just need to move the camera…again :slight_smile:
Well not exactly…you must zoom the 3d view until the doted area fils more
or less the window…take care with this setting
To fine tune the view you can select the camera, and change the Lens: value
in the Camera Panel…35 is a good value

I see what he means too:

the “dots” shows that your camera is not zoomed enough.
before going to the game engine by pressing P:

Try to go into camera view (0 on the keyoard)
THEN press “+” until the OUTER dotted line square is just become out f the screen.
Then go into P mode.
then see!