Interior scene - cycles

I’ve been working on this for a few days now (off and on) and this is my progress so far. The lighting is just enough to render the scene and needs work. I’m concentrating on the modeling and texturing first.

I made the tile floor texture in Photoshop and the textures for the couch, rug and trees are from

Render time for 3000 samples: 15:32

Computer specs:
i7 920 processor
12 gb RAM
2ea GeForce GTX 560 ti gpu’s

Rendered Image:

Reference Image:

nice work on the scene!

pretty damn good so far. Only crit I guess is that IRL the back of the couch, the cloth bit, is not perfectly even.

Move a bit the light from wall. or create the lamp with we see ;]

One thing you might try to match the bright exterior is changing the image texture of the plants to an emitter. You can still map the image to it, but that way you get the green from the plants coming through the window, and it matches a little more closely.

The modeling and texturing looks great, but I really do think you need that light coming through the window. Check out all the light on the furniture and surroundings in the reference image.

Very nice job so far!

@Kemler - Not sure what you mean by that. Texture, modeling?

@Kramon - I will be working on the lighting after the modeling is done.

@ampace - I did try changing the image to an emission object but it looks like it just made the image brighter without affecting the scene much. I’ll mess around with it some more.

Thanks for the suggestions and crits guys. Keep them coming!

I’ve been there. You could try increasing the contrast of the image so the whole thing isn’t just blown out. Not sure if it would work though.

i think good ligthening will fix that problem.

@longaly: if you look at the photo reference, the cushion on the back of the couch is not perfectly flat/straight. You can tell if you look at the highlight on the top, it’s SLIGHTLY wiggly, not straight. On yours, it’s very even and stright. So you would probably want to model in some very subtle undulations.


I see what you are saying. I will work on that.

Just fyi - I was referring to the image plane he has behind the window. Not the render itself. :slight_smile:

Update. Added the stairs and am trying to get the lighting set up better.

Trying to get invisible light in front of the window to not emit on the back side. Solidified a plane and set back faces to not emit. Works, but now I have a shadow cast on the window from it. Will work more with light path node to see if I can get rid of it. It is also emitting too much light on the ceiling.

I know the scene is to dark now, but I was trying to get the window light to work so I turned down the other lights.

Also added a lattice to the couch seat cushion and deformed it a bit as per Kemmler’s advice.

The floor - among other details - is superb.


Thanks for the comment. I actually made the floor texture in photoshop following this GREAT tutorial.

I’ve been watching this thread for a while and I’m impressed with the details, it’s realy looking spectacular:) The one let down for me is the trees outside. I know the coloring of the image and be corrected but my issues is the perspective angle on the trees is all wrong. It looks like a view from a second or third floor based on the size of the tree leaves and the clouds in the far background. I’m assuming this is the ground floor due to the fancy stair well.

I would look for a different image for sure, maybe with a little more depth ( meaning the trees look a bit farther from the house) The image could even be blured a bit to give additional feel of depth and also take some of the attention away from the outside at the same time. Right now it looks like a green square in the middle of a white wall:)

Anyway, great job and keep it up. Happy Blending!

Now that’s a darn good tutorial. Thanks mate!

I totally agree with you about the foliage image. I’ve been looking for better ones. I do like the blurring idea though. I’ll see what I can come up with.

I stumbled on that tutorial a while ago, and yes, it is very good. You’re welcome!

Staircase looks great. Nice modeling.

I’m not sure I understand what I’m looking at. Why are the support things under the table dark like this? If it’s reflection, where is the reflection coming from? If it’s intentional why is the one on the left sharp edged and the one on the right is fuzzy?

Also in the original render the pillow gave a distracting reflection. I’m glad you moved it.

Nice scene.

The material is a shiny chrome. I have no idea why those black areas are there either. I actually hadn’t noticed them. Very strange.