Interior Scene - Cycles

Give me your honest opinions on how you think this can be improved. Depending on critiques, I may be calling this done.

Also in the WIP section.

Well, the stairway is very real and photographic, lighting is too flat to me, try to play with lights. I would increase the light coming from the window, and maybe I would add a light on the left, around the corner, not visible but making ‘air’ on the left.
The ceiling light is strange, it doesn’t enlighten and it’s jagged, maybe there’s a glass plane in front of the emitter? Or you need a mask on the emitter, I don’t know.

The furniture on left are too black for my taste, they doesn’t look like wood, and the light wooden plane looks too dull respect the rest, not reflective enough.

Keep up the nice work, and make it to be WOW!


Good but I think it need small postpro. Contrast and more light.

Much better !!!

The floor shader is amazing, congrats

I didnt realize you had posted also in the focused critique so check my comments on the WIP threat. I agree with the above comments, a bit dark and propose adding a flower in a vase on the wood table/dresser. I put an example up on the WIP page:)

Nice work overall glade to see it done/almost done;)

Looks great. Continue trying to make the lighting look a bit more artistic and possibly add a vignette? Also I’d like to say that the post-things that hold up the railing are possibly too small (not thick enough). I may be wrong but it just looks odd to me. About all I have to critique, keep up the good work!


Brightened it up some and added flare to the light in the ceiling using photoshop.

As someone else said, that floor shader is spectacular :slight_smile:

I love the little bump in the carpet and irregularity of the couch cushions, adds a lot of realism to the scene

It has a daylight feel to it so I think the lamp is unnecessary.

The frame on the table is a little too shiny for my tastes. In the same vein, the mirror seems too perfect as well.

Fantastic work, I could only hope to be as good as you :slight_smile: