Interior Scene (Cycles)

Ive not posted a wip here for a while so thought i should do something :slight_smile: i keep seeing interior scenes made with cycles and remembered that i had started to do one a while back but forgot about it and this time im determined to finish it…
Here is the first wip render…not many passes but ive just blocked out the main parts and added some basic textures to some items as thats how i like to work (texture as i go)

its based off and image i saw online but im going to move away from it as much as i can…e.g. goodbye orange fireplace thing…

Nice one peter, and not bad the noise amounts for a white interior within 3 minutes, go Cycles :slight_smile:

thanks @marcoG_ita ive been following your Chester sofa thread, very impressive :smiley: here is another update…ive remade the sofa and reworked the foot rest…also does any one else think that the sofa seems too low down or is it me?

Thanks! Anyways yes, the sofa seems a bit out of scale. But it could be perspective illusion, check their measures: a modern sofa (the sitting plane) is about 35/40 cm…height about 80 cm. Depends of the model obviously, but if your “sitting plane” is 20 cm and the whole height 50 cm, there’s some issue :slight_smile:

Kind regards

I sure second that thought. What about it’s placement? Fireplace behind, table, which somehow jumps out of this black’n white style, for two, in front…
Carpet’s great. Materialized particles? Did you use AO here too, or just lights?

hmm i think ill look at the sofa size then…the chimney breast was actually a slate like texture before and worked quite well except the texture i had didn’t really look like. The rug was quite difficult to do i thought as cycles doesn’t yet support hair. So i basically made the rug with particles and converted to mesh. I then went into edit mode and selected all the verts and then extruded them a small small amount. I then added the material. No i haven’t got AO here just planes, didn’t know cycles supported AO.

picture its based off of:

Cycles do have AO now, makes interiors a lot brighter and less grainy afaik. You might check new builds if yours doesn’t have check box in World’s panel.
Concerning sofa size- it might not be correct, but anyhow- i did size back walls heights to be equal and make assumptions based on door height, yours is much smaller imo.
Again, i might be completely wrong, don’t shoot me then :).

yer judging by that render i would say its too small. I have made it bigger now and will post a render tomorrow :slight_smile: and its ok, i have no bullets :stuck_out_tongue:

as promised, here is the updated version with the sofa about the right size. Ive also made the arms of the sofa a little less square and made the chrome legs a little more visible (currently too noisy to see clearly)

ive made a small amount of progress…
ive started to define the kitchen area a little more by adding some drawers and handles and made a space for an oven which i may steal from an old project i started…
ive made the drawers a slightly different color as it just makes them more visible with 300 samples.

hm ive added the oven but think ill make a new one because it has a lot of stuff there atm which isnt seen so there is no point it being there when all it does is slow down render times.

:eyebrowlift2:…much nicer imho. Drawer handles… bit too heavy? Just nitpicking. Go on!

yer i thought the same thing…think they would need to be a little smaller and with less reflection…

its been a while since my last post; but here is an update. Ive applied a nice cycles material i saw on this forum for the leather. You cant really see it all too well and was wondering how i would make a spec map in cycles so that the specularity only affects the crackle parts. Also, any tips on making the sofa look less solid and more crinkled etc…