Interior Scene - Dinner room (update 17/nov)


This is a project i’m working right now.

C&C are welcome.


Update 17/nov

  • small changes in the models

  • removed some noise of the lights

  • Small changes in the ligth settings

Um wow! I think almost everything in your scene could use some beveling. Its too sharp as it is. Also you could use some osa at least 8 or 16. I am seeing jaggies which give away the scene. Otherwise its pretty photorealistic!

I really like it ! Seems like you know what are you doing.

The table needs one more leg.

Waiting for updates. :wink:

too funny, I didn’t even notice that the leg was missing till you said something. Over all thought the image is really nice. What else do you have planned for it, can’t see adding too much. Lighting is pretty good and all the meshs look really nice. Only thing I don’t really like is the wall art, but thats not a big thing.


Actually the table is right. :wink:

It’s called “Tao Dining Table”. Here is a picture:

The design is from two brazilians: Graça Kazan and Luiz Mário Moura

I will post some uptades soon.
Thanks for the critics.

Then either that image or your render is flipped, because the corners without the legs are on opposite sides. No big deal though :stuck_out_tongue:

hehehe you’re right, i guess i flipped the table :smiley:

couldn’t you just select the mesh, and mirror it and replace?


I will fix it on the next update. Or maybe i’ll just flip the image hehehe :wink:

I like this. Has a nice feel of ‘real’. :slight_smile:

though… dunno if it’s just me, but the green stuff on the chairs looks oddly sharp.

I like the Table, what’s wrong with the table? :wink:
Oh and one of your guests will go home hungry and thirsty, as he has no plate nor glas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there, I like your scene, I am trying to do the same thing with my room.
I have problems with lights, I just can’t get them right.
Could you tell me how did you set up the lights for your scene ?
Thanks !

Now, how can you play “footsies” with a table like that? :smiley: :wink:

Only crits: the wall art puts me in mind of a goofy smile. And the far chair doesn’t appear to have enough room for someone to be seated in it. (Maybe just remove that chair and place setting?) Also, the glasses kind of bug me. They seem a little too tall and easy to knock over. And is it me, or are the placesettings floating too high for their reflections?

Suggestion: I think a smokey color on the glasses would be cool. Particularly something that blends into transparent at the top. I think that would add some interest and distinguish them from the table. (Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing that done yet in Blender. Hmm…)

Hey, the far left glass seems to have something in it, but I don’t catch it in the reflection very well.


I use 3 lights. Take a look on the setup:

The “Area” must fit de hole of the window.

Hi Trog,

I agree with you in some points and make some chages already in the model. The wall art is really kind of weird(the client ask for it to be there) hehe i’ve replaced it with a portrait.

Wonderful work. I am also doing some previz work and the hardest part I find is placing different materials on a single mesh. I know how to do it, and the L key comes in very handy, but it is tedious enough. When I can, I just place most meshes in the scene as separate objects. What’s the purpose of the lamp? I see the setup works, but I am looking for the economy of lighting. Thanks.