Interior scene for comparing UE4 rendered

This is rendered by Blender Cycles.

This is original image rendered by UE4. This is created by Koola (posted in UE forum).

I think what needs to be noted is that, to my knowledge, the realistic renders in UE4 are not using a true, non-baked, realtime GI solution yet.

Regardless of that, this makes it a really good thing we have Cycles, why would anyone otherwise use Blender for any sort of final output anymore if game engines can now produce better results? This could also mean that perhaps it might also soon be time to completely replace BI with a realtime advanced GLSL rendering system (with it acting as the new graphics core for the game engine as well).

It does seem like though that the GI algorithm UE4 uses for baking currently produces a few unnaturally dark and contrasting regions, but you’re using it with a game engine and such an algorithm needs to be fast, even for baking.

I don’t understand, do you apply the materials in blender and export it? when you open it in unreal engine does it recognize those materials? or do you have to reapply new materials to the object in unreal engine?

Thank you for your explanation. I have struggled with the dark to match between my Blender scene and the UE4 rendered image.
Your explanation makes me understand why UE4 rendered image has a dark at several regions.

No, I did not use any exporting or importing. And I did not use UE. A few days ago, my timeline of twitter shows the UE rendered image created by Koola. So, I tried to make same photo-realistics image in Blender.

UE 4 looks good. to match,sunlight has to be stronger in cycles(the right wall is brighter from sunlight bounce)