Interior Scene W. I . P.

Hello! I’ve decided to attempt to do an interior scene. I tend to have trouble getting the lighting set up correctly and I still need to think of ideas for furntiure and objects. This is what I have so far:

What do you think? What do you suggest? It’s FAR from being remotely complete, so I know it still needs a roof, LOL. I know there are some experinced Blender-ers here (BbB) in interior lighting and modeling. So, is there anyone willing to help?

Anyone? Please?

um… help for what… if u mean lighting i would like to help but i cant… for ideas on furniture…i suggest u make it into a news broadcasting room… dunno why but i think u should put cameras and all sorts of things like that

I usually end up with weird results for lighting in interior scenes. I know what I want for furniture. So lighting and material help is what I want.