Interior scene with blender 2.8

Hi this is my new commercial project for existing interior ,
i want some critics in 3d and design
all this scene are RAW


any critics

Hey dude, good work,
some tips:

  • Study Color and Contrast.
  • Use FILMIC.
  • Use Photographer (Addon)
  • Study Photography Rules.
  • Change the “Exposure, Gamma” values. (like 2.0 and 1.2)
  • Use Big Lights to fill, and small lights for reflections, some fake Spot Lights too.
  • HDR.
  • Simplify 3 bounces.
  • AO Trick: Factor 0.5, Distance 10m (lower the Distance Brighter and less realistic).
  • Use Denoiser. (just amazing).
  • Bevel edges.
  • USE PHOTOSHOP to Finish it.

Like this,10min in Photoshop.

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thx my friend for all this tips :grinning:

What are your bounces settings? Something seems off here. It’s overexposed, I think you aren’t using filmic.

this is th settings

IMHO The minimum light bonunces is 3-4, whereas I have started using mininum bounces of 16 and even 128 for final renders. Render times are quite similar, but I don’t have to worry about improper corner shadows.

Also, I would leave exposure and gamma to standard values. The look setting is up for your taste and scene.
In sampling change sampling from sobol to correlated multi-jitter, it has actual impact on render times but noise levels are smaller.

Direct light clamping is set to quite low value. I’ve never clamped direct light value. I don’t see indirect clamp, but most often I use value of 10 to prevent noise and have the scene light level on the proper level (the lower the setting the darker the scene).

after some modifications , but after using D-Noise there no clearly differnce (500 samples)
i will share RAW version , the post production will be in teh end

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You’ve set max bounces to 128, but then there are low limits below, that override it.

I’d like to try with my own render settings and give you results, if you are willing to share the .blend with packed textures.