Interior scene (with Deer!)


(Marek_H) #1

Just a small interior scene + little bit of sculpting.

Blender 2.79 (duvet & pillows were made in Marvelous Designer)

(scorpius) #2

A great render! Are there any light sources besides the windows? You should you post a wireframe and the render settings.

(Marek_H) #3

Hi, thank you very much!

There are only two area lamps in the windows, used as portals. For the world setting I used simple white background with strength of 9. It was rendered with 800 samples (of course with denoising).

CM setting:

Wire/clay render (I’ve never done that before, so please excuse the quality of it:)

As you can see the sheeting is bit to dense because of importing from MD but there was no need for retopo as the model was ‘UV ready’…

(scorpius) #4

So no other windows besides the two that are visible? I’m also wondering if you used any clamping. I really like the way you achieved that purely-white effect for the walls and other objects.

(Marek_H) #5

Exactly, no additional light sources. The light comes only from these two windows. I set both direct/indirect clamping to 3. With Clamp set to 0 I got even brighter result.

(alf0) #6

nice work ,i like the deer thing !!!

(Marek_H) #7

Thank you!

(Dimitar) #8

Great renders. Loving the scandi style. Also good use of DoF

(Marek_H) #9

Thank you!

Yes, whenever I do an interior scene I’m trying to use scandi style.

(scorpius) #10

Also, did you use AO? I’m asking because I heard that it helps to brighten the scene at the cost of accuracy.

(Marek_H) #11

No AO used :slight_smile:

(Magogg) #12

Hi Marek,
great result!!!
Can I ask you some information about the lighting set in this scenes?
Tnx so much!

(Marek_H) #13

Hi, thanks! The lighting setup is quite simple. Just two are lamps in the windows, used as portals. You can also read previous comments to get some more info.