Interior scene

Hello everyone, its my first that i post something here, and i really want to get into the CG industry, so please fell free to judge any aspects of my render. I rendered this with 2500 samples(took all night) and it is still noisy, even though i tryed various methods to reduce the noise in the scene. Also there is a few stuff like the table in the center, the ceiling lights that just fell weird.

Here is my render settings and my scene in 3d view.blender%20artists

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I am now in the process of making the kitchen, any tips or critics are welcome.

Just another update, i added more to the scene but i still gonna make a few changes

I made a render of the kitchen to see how it is, and as you can see i changed the lighting. I was using an HDRI but the lighting in the interior was poor and there was a lot of noise, and i saw someone using a completely white BG and having good results, i think there is a lak of colours in the lighting, but the noise is way better. If someone have some tips to help me light the scene a ittle better i would appreciate it.

This may be a silly question, have you enabled denoiser?
Sometimes the denoiser can be the issue as well. You may want to turn reflections down some. You can also get slightly less noise by disabling Multiple Importance. Also look into your branched-path tracing.

I did not enabled the denoiser, i usually get lots of some unwanted artifacts. I am now learning more about branched-path tracing and i am folowing some of your tips, thanks for helping me.