Interior scene

hello there,

This is the new scene I am working on. It’s a batroom interior, made with blender 2.58 and cycles.
I really need some advices, because i am not feeling happy with it.

Toman Kirilov


you can feel happy with it!!
the wood looks a bit unrealistic (like cardboard)
and the towel could be softer

The cabinet on the right, the wood grain should be running vertically instead of horizontally. I really like the marble, sink and plumbing.

Throw in a power outlet somewhere! It does look pretty good though

I think the wood needs more texture.


Thank you for your comments!
I fixed the wood texture and rotation. Also added some props. The render is still a bit noisy, but i will let it render for couple of hours when i fix the towels.
Any suggestions about the towels? I have no clue how to make them look better. Cycles can’t render hair and fur yet :frowning:
Any critiques and comments are welcome!
A little update:


really like your render/scene perfect in my opinion (except the noise/fireflies). If cycles has noise reduction I suggest using it or image editing software.

working on the noise right now…

I guess that is the final image:
I will retouch it a little in GIMP and post it in the finished section :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help!

Toman Kirilov


Hello… I like to comment your work because I think your work is very nice .

Lets see… a real wood photo that quite similar with your material.

Woods reflects light too…