Interior scene

So here’s my first attempt to create an interior scene in blender. I just started learning blender and I’ve got a long way to go. My main focus was on texturing and lighting, the objects I downloaded. Next step is to learn how to model. There’s a lot to improve, but let me now what you think.

Not a bad first attempt! It’s noisy of course, but it just needs to render longer(probably A LOT longer). Nice job! :smiley:

As a first attempt, really good. The chairs are too glossy, the table has too much bump, the stairs are a bit unnatural etc. - probably you just set the simple cycles materials, with two or three nodes. The lighting in interiors is pretty hard in cycles, at least for me :wink: It’s difficult the make the lights and materials believable along with reasonable render time. So you’ve made not bad work here.

Thanks, indeed it needs more samples. For this render I used 1000 samples, 2000 will probably be enough.

It took a while but I finaly worked some more on the scene. Because I’m new to blender I have to experiment a lot, it slows me down in creating stuff but here is an update. I added some stuff and tried to lower the metallic look. I think I’ll move on to a new project. Tell me what you think.

I’m new to blender too.
And I thing you are on the good path.
The second render look very good (Even more good than some professional work I’ve seen on the streets)