Interior Scene

Here’s an interior scene i’ve been working on for the past few days. Hope to hear all of your thoughts!

Hello good one. The lighting is good. Maybe if you work on the cushions that would improve your image more.

Thanks, I’m glad I get at least a reply. And yeah, I agree with you. I have to admit I’m kind of lazy when talking about modelling. Thanks a lot for your comment, I will have it under consideration.


For some reason though, I just can’t see the depth in the back-left window.

What do you mean by “depth” ? Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Nice! One thing I would definitely change is the pictures. Try mixing it up a bit instead of the same image repeated :wink:

ComputerWhiz probably means it looks like painting and I agree. Aren’t shadows to sharp?

Buenos Aires!! Muy buen trabajo che! Me gusta la luz lateral, espero ver más posts. Saludos!

Looks great! Much better than my first post here :yes:

Nice “Andrew” paintings ;-p, keep up the good work.

For the first post is very good, except for windows, what wrong ? there are not transparent enough ?

This is crazy! Honestly, my first thought was “He didn’t post a clay render. This is a photograph and a con-man.” Your amazing work should definitely be praised. Building a design eye like yours takes time and effort, and only a few people actually get that good.

Now, since you posted your image here for feedback, I can point out a few things that looked odd while I was viewing it as a photograph. If you were to cut the image with scissors horizontally, right above the paintings on the wall so that all of the furniture is gone, I would not believe the image to be a photograph. The first reason is that there are some speckles in the top right-hand corner, but longer render times would fix that. No issue. However, the texture of the room itself is too “perfect” to be real. When you look at highly-designed interiors, as pristine as they may be, it’s usually pretty easy to tell a photograph from a rendering. (There are a few artists good enough to fool you, but they are few.) Consider adding some very VERY slight displacement noise to the walls, and especially any room-elements that would be located in the “ceiling area” of the room. People expect to see imperfections in the paint or spackle or drywall. Even looking at the window panes, there is no variation, which makes it look odd.

Something else to consider is that there are trees viewable through every window, but there are no shadows of branches in the room. Sure, it’s possible that the “photo” was taken at perfectly as the sun wasn’t shining through the trees. But it would tell a story if there were branch shadows. The viewer could deduce something that’s not explicitly shown in the image. Having to think about something you see helps the image to feel more real, because now, the user has to look at the scene and apply rules from the real world. Make sense?

One final critique, and it’s a small one. There’s green all over the place outside, yet the light is pure white. Something doesn’t add up there. Don’t forget that light bounces and reflects!

Again, great work, and I can’t wait to see more online!

Thanks a lot, to you and to everyone for all this interest on my work… I can’t believe i have so many replies on my first post. I’m having all your advice seriously and trying to work on it. Real thanks to everyone.