Interior scene

Hi guys, i created this scene a few days ago but render on my laptop is sooo long :/. I still fight with fckin noise… Please give critique good or bad as I’d like to know what I did right or wrong. Thank you so much. (Sorry for my english :D)


What I like:

  • The cables and the power extension box.
  • The Clockwork orange poster curled and crumpled.
  • pile of books
  • Yelow chair looks good
  • the geometrie of pillows and bedsheet.

What I would work on:

  • The material and texture of the bedsheet
  • Some plaster on the wall and a little! bit color
  • Color of flooring less saturated and less glossy.
  • Do something to make the scene more interesting, now it is already nice, but it is still just a room.

Dat radiator behind ya head…
You must have been very bad in a past life.

By the way to reduce fireflies if you change the clamp value slightly it gets rid of the very brightest value…great for de priding. But it can make the scene ever so slightly too dark if used too strongly. It’s found in the render panel