Interior: sit down a have relax, please

This scene is my really seriuos first attempt to make an interior, and, at same time, I learned a bit of yafray, that is the renderer used for this scene. I know that could be improved a bit more, but I worked on it for more than a month, and now I’m quite bored and I want to start a new interior project.

used SW:

  • Blender 2.40 cvs 2
  • Yafray
  • Arbaro
  • GiMP (color refinement)

c&c always appreciate :smiley:

You’ve built a house in the ocean?

How quaint :stuck_out_tongue:

waou … great job … stunning …


Awesome modeling. Lighting is great and the furniture very stylish.

Only crit is that for some reason I felt like the house was leaning toward the ocean and that the floor was not level. Maybe the background picture’s perspective is a bit off. I dont know. Great job anyway lol

tnx for comments!


Yeah… I’m sincere, I didn’t notice that until you and someone else told me. I think moving down the image would solve it but… how boring is… and, hey, I’ve already started a new interior, new scene, new life :smiley:

@M@dcow: I know, I know… just too lazy to change image %|

@jbperin: thanks!


Nah, just joking. That’s very contempary, I’ve the pool

IMHO the lighting is bad. Almost whole upper part of the pic is white (no shadows?) and the lower part is pretty dark.

After few minutes in PS i got this:

The models and the scene look nice.

MassTA has a point there. THe lightning needs some work, as well as the background alignment. Perhaps chose another color for the couch and get a bit more contrast in the upper part of the image. I like the details in the picture a lot. Overall it is really good, I love the modelling, but the lightning and perhaps some colors needs work. What MassTA did to the image was not creating a nice picture but creating a point.

Good luck


Overall, I like it. But, I have two crits:

1: Too much AO

2: The stairs & the upstairs rails don’t meet building code.

I like your surname!

mmm… this:

is a version with minor use of pp. light should be better.

they meet, instead, but the material is maybe too reflecting and they seem don’t meet the ceil.

@popski: thanks :smiley:

thanks again for your comments (even if this scene is, by now, abandoned)!