Interior Stair Animation

I’ve been testing animation settings and work flow. The physics was just for fun. This inspired me to try something.

I used Cycles with a GTX 550 Ti. ~9 min. per frame with 1000 samples.

Overall I’m happy with the turnout. I would have more interior lighting and less global but with all the glass and glossy material it was very noisy. The physics was just for fun. Can someone explain the best way to get the speed of the physics to match the frame rate? The balls fell like slow motion in the final render.

I add the title and camera shake in after effects.

I’ve updated the model with more accurate materials more objects, like railing brackets. I’ll try another render without the balls.

Nice visuals. But what you need is lot more colors and balls. Go all out. Like this Ad:

I love that ad. I did try that but the poly count got ridiculous and this lagged too much. I’m going to try again. This is fun:)

you could reduce the polys per ball maybe. This will be fine if the balls are smaller.