Interior / Vray

My little interiors are beginning to feel very dull next to the epic BWC stuff that’s been posted here in the past few weeks. Anyway, here’s another, which turned into a test scene for the latest version of Andrey’s great script. Hope you like it.


Hmm, the textures “feel” very flat, and whilst there is a sense of absolute clarity to the picture its lacking atmosphere or a sense of life. I realise that this is a very non-technical, airy fairy way of describing whats lacking in this.
Alternativly it could just be that having a dark floor and colourless walls is quite clinical and depressing.
That said, as usual the quality of the render and attention to detail is wonderful as usual, my favorite render is the last one, the dinner set gives it a little personality and the bright sunlight actually feels like sunlight.

Thanks Animal for popping by. Will try to improve based on your comments.
Best, B

is the integration Blender/VRay so advanced? Didn’t you used particles for the carpet or i’m completely wrong about it? In any case, astonishing renders

Anytime :wink:

Yes Tixy, the integration is pretty advanced, thanks to Andrey’s great script. Not particles yet, but Vray standalone doesn’t even support them yet. There’s micro-poly displacement, though, which is what I used for the carpet.

Animal: I think I know what you mean about the flatness. I wonder, could this be my lighting set-up? I’m looking at my reference images and realise everything is pretty much evenly flood with light, which does make things look a bit flat, without shadows and so on…