Interior WIP(Updated)

So I started working on an interior scene, something I’ve never really done before. Here’s what I have so far: comments and crits much appreciated!

No one has anything to say? Alright…well, there’s an update in the link in the above post.

The halo coming from the lamp looks a little unnatural, kind of like the bulb is right at the bottom of the lamp. You should… thinin (my English is lacking right now…) the halo up, it looks a little too wide.

Edit: I looked at it again, and I might be wrong on this, I can’t tell anymore.

Edit… Again: Here’s what I’m talking about, the yellow blob is where the bulb would appear to be:

i agree with the light from the lamp you have little holes in the shade but no light coming out of them.

Put your spotlight like Jeeves drew make the circle bigger and let the mesh decide where the light goes

also the legs look odd the ones on the right line up perfectly with one another but the ones on the left do not

I like the wood material and the reflection in the desk

thanks for your replies. I had the light going early as you said and it looked odd. I dunno, I’m still tweaking that area so I’ll probably try a few things with it still.

Crow - the legs aren’t supposed to be perfectly even, I did that on purpose.

I like the wood material and the reflection in the desk