VERY well done. Did you use cycles for this? If so, what’s your lighting setup? If not, which engine did you use? Keep up the amazing work

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Thank’s :pray:t6:
Yes I use Cycle for the render
The light setup is quit simple juste an hdri and a area lamp as portal

Could you please give some more info about the project? Did you create all the assets? Is this a project from scratch or based on a photo? Could you share some viewport, wireframe etc. views?

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The render is an photo base
I use many asset but I create some

Ref :

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Awesome work, I actually prefer it to the reference. Please share your lighting setup because it looks amazing!

The lighting is quit simple
I just use an hdri and an area light as portal

I tought it was a picture from a Ikea catalogue :slight_smile: very good, well done

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Thank’s :pray:t6::pray:t6::pray:t6:

Very nice work! Where did you get your models from? In particular the sofa.?

Keep up the good work!

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I get the model all around internet
sorry if I can’t give you more details about that