something from my student projects (LAN)


Nice. The lighting is good, and the different views do a good job of clearly presenting the layout of the office and the LAN.



nice images, but I think the network wires in the last image could be realistic. although I think it is just a scheme.

i really am impressed with b;enders new rendering features.

good use of AO and such.


I think you’re not an interior designer. :stuck_out_tongue:

But the graphics looks nice. Isn’t this why Blender was created by NaN?

The computer closest to the server is missing a keyboard lol. You did a nice job, though a bit functional-only, shows off blender more than your skills. Certainly a nice image for what it was made for tho :wink:

Excellent lighting.

It’s good to see Blender being put to more humble, everyday uses along with the regular search for CG brilliance. Good job.