A lot of work made my friend Bumpkin (all models in this scene). I only see to you my insight on this scene.

Only crit i have is that i cant tell if the man is 3d model or a 2d sprite? May just be an illusion but he doesn’t fit in.

Wonderful feel and atmosphere. Feels like a scene out of a cartoon WB movie.

Gorgeously put together and rendered, G_Taurus.

The only thing missing might be a reflection of the person in the ceiling.

Lighting, materials, and composition are all excellent and most alluring.

The warmth factor is just right, somewhere between exuberant and disciplined. Very classy and balanced.

There’s also an expansive feeling in this piece, not simply because of the aspect ratio but also because of the placement of elements and the external city view that helps to establish the contextual depth and height of the scene – where we are in the immediate room and the larger environment.

The height factor I find especially appreciable, since this is such a horizontal piece yet very well established in the implied vertical sense.

Well, now I’m feeling inspired to finish some of my interior projects :slight_smile:


I agree with Animal the man doesn’t look totally integrated. Everything else superb. Great atmosphere. 4* until you integrate the man more.

Looks great. Really splendid lighting and texturing and the colours are magnificent!
But do something about that man! He looks as though he’s about to fall flat on his face! Not to mention the lighting being all whack. You may need a new photo because I think it’s clear you’ve done everything you can to add lighting to the photo, but you need a new one. It just doesn’t work Which is a shame because his character fits so well. :frowning:

I dont see how the photo doesn’t work, assuming they are photos.

I think what is odd about the man is that there is a backlight iluminating his left side. First off, it’s the wrong hue and inconsistent with all the other lighting in the scene which has a definite `sundown orange’ color. Secondly, objects behind him are not backlighted even though the only appearent scource of a backlight is the window behind them.

Interior 2.

models by Freekill

Window and exterior dont work so well and the walls are a bit bland on this one. The lady fits in better though.

first one is sick! awesome illustrative style. looks like something out of a graphic novel.
second one not so much. it is essentially a large box with furniture stuffed into a corner, and a woman who looks like shes tripping on acid on a coffee table. is the room floating in space?

I think both have an excellent light setup. In the first one the character doesn’t fit though and it looks like he is a cut out. In the second one the overall composition and balance in the picture is missing. Perhaps add something hanging on the wall or something on the floor on the left side would compensate the balance shift to the right.