Put this scene together today with some models used in previous works. I’m gonna try out indigo but I’ve rendered this first with the bi renderer in my usual way of working so i’ll be able to get a comparison. It’s a fairly simple room, I’ve had problems in the past lighting interiors this is a very simple setup but its one of the better results that i,ve achieved.
I’m gonna maybe get hold of a couple of interior design image books in the next couple of weeks and try and reproduce some real photographed interior spaces. I’ll post an update with an indigo render if all goes ok.

That’s internal? Looks cool! 8)
Could you share your lighting setup? :wink:

Thanks afecelis, lighting is pretty basic, a sunlamp with a light blue tint outside the windows directs into the room with an energy of 1. While an ordinary lamp with a light yellow colour shines into the room from the other side through some french doors that you can’t see cause they’re behind the camera. This lamp is set to .7 with ray, quad and sphere turned on. AO is turned up high in the world settings and just about every object in the room has transparent shadow turned on.
I’ve tried to get a screen grab of my wire frames showing the lamp positions but for some unknown reason the lamps are not showing up, sorry.