Greetings colleagues, I quickly modeled an interior scene. I am curious what you think about the lighting and tone mapping.

Best regards

Hey. Looks nice and clean. the sizing of the floor texture seems a little off maybe. And the reflectivity of the floor seems a little low where the light from outside is reflected. Lastly, the bookshelf seems a little too high off the ground. But the lighting looks good.

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I’m not sure the lighting is fully right. It seems to come from everywhere. Either there is another window right behind the camera or there is another light source. If the light fro the door is the only source the light should fall off.

Besides that, I really like the floor. Fill the scene with life, would love to see that :yes:


Thanks. I changed the size of the floor boards and changed the tone mapping to a warmer tone.
Yes, there is one window behind the camera. The fall-off would be too high when the door would be the only light source.

What do you think now?

I will add some details in the meantime.


I think the lighting looks great, sandstorm! I actually prefer the lighting/exposure in the first image, it seems a little “cleaner”, maybe a little brighter as well. If you changed the tonemapping to a warmer color, then perhaps it has to do with how it is affecting the colors in the floor (which is already a warm color), and makes me prefer the more neutrally toned image more.

I have experienced the frustrations of trying to light interior scenes, and am glad you’ve added a window behind the camera. Perhaps one day we’ll have the required feature in Cycles (something to do with path tracing, right?) and won’t have to add such workarounds. But until then, we’ll have to keep putting lots of windows in our houses!

I like the realism of your scene. I think the doors looks like if they were pasted to the door frame… Maybe in the part of the bottom you can let a space to let some light pass in the door of the right side and; in the door of the left side, with that space you will get shadows, a dark part. The handles are in the correct height? that is anothe think that looks weird to me.

I also like the floor appearance in the first one better. Sorry for that :smiley: I’m curious on the details.