Hi guys, I am new here and new “blender user” too. I want to show you my first “work” in blender. I don’t include things such as balls,rectangles or some toruses as “work” so what I want to from you are advices. I know that I am totally begginer that’s why I am asking you :

  1. What should I do better ?
  2. What I do wrong / good ?
  3. Where can I find more advices / tutorials / inspirations ?

Here is my work: 1000 samples / Render time : about 30minutes

Ty for your posts and advices.

That looks great. Nice and clean. More shadows maybe? I am fairly new myself and have found Andrew Price’s tutorials at Blender Guru very helpful as well as a few from you tube.

For inspiration, Trendirhas some fantastic designs for modern architecture, furniture, interiors and new products. Always fills me with ideas.