this is latest my work.
I use blender only been 6 months so I’d appreciate any suggestions
so that I can do something better next picture.
Blender+Cycles 3000 samples Rendertime: 4 h on GTX 770
High resolution:

Great work, it looks like a picture so real. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, i really appreciate that.


Nice render! Though I would suggest to work a bit with scale. That chair for instance. I wouldnt want to sit in it. The legs look kind of weak to me but i think the problem is that its too shallow. Have you set the units to metric and measured it? Compare that to a regular chair. That is my 2 cent anyway, other than that I like the render very much!

thank you for your criticism.
Yes, the scaling is set to metric, and the chair has also
the correct dimensions. Perhaps the design does not please everyone.
The legs have a top diameter of 5cm, which should hold. :slight_smile: