Blender + Cycles
14 h rendertime on CPU (3 GB are to much for my 770 )

I like what you have produced here. The Windows don’t quite look as good as the rest of the scene in my opinion and just seem a little off to me. Please do not take this as a hard criticism as the rest of the scene is really very good.

That looks great! May I ask what your render camera’s focal length is set to in blender?

Thanks for your comment i will try it better next time.

@ RoadDavis
Focal Lenght was 28mm with Full Frame 35mm Sensor.

First of all- nice scene, I really like the blanket, the floor and the lamps, and also the curtains look very nice.
I agree with what badgerint said about the windows. What I also noticed is that the texture on the wall looks like it is too much streched horizontally.

Looking very nice. Composition, bedding, and lighting just outstanding from where I sit. Do you happen to recall where you got that hard wood floor texture from?

there is no stretch on the texture just rlly wide bricks. :smiley:

@ theoldghost
nothing special it is from cgtextures:WoodFine0033

Thanks guy I think I can use that. A texture like bricks seems to be funny in this respect. To me they look just a little large. But, the fact is bricks come in a whole host of sizes and colors. Hell maybe it depends on the last bricks we actually saw. And, of course we know your render is not a photograph. Viewers, us, seem to accept anything in a photograph with no question. You could probably throw a rule on your bricks and they would be the Jumbo size in the link here. I think the size and color work to keep the texture from becoming to busy.

Yes, this is really what i think about alot when i see a render. When i see some strange materials in real life i think when
i build that shader in 3D i wouldn’t believe it is correct.

ArcHWIZ I meant to ask the other day. I take it the bedding, curtains and rug took you outside your graphics card.

No, it’s the brick wall with displacement modifier. Just the bed+curtains are about 1,1 Gb of RAM.
I also have a GTX 1080 but i had a problem with anti aliasing.

Thanks guy and hopefully those problems will be resolved soon.