Hello people, I started my second interior but first lets say ‘serious’ interior. So I want to hear your thoughts so I learn and upgrade. This is work in progress.

I really liked the wall. That is one bold treatment. However, the rest of the image is meh. The furnitures are really drab. Their modern design doesn’t match the bold tropical floral of the wall. The furniture themselves doesn’t match each other. It is like you randomly snatch 3d models and just throw them in. The arrangement of the furniture is bad. Almost every furniture is flush on the wall, making look like a hospital waiting room, and there are some seriously bad decisions like pairing the side table with a cupboard and putting a Persian rug in what is Mid-Century Modern or Urban Modern interior without any attempt to make it work with the other elements. The elevated view doesn’t help. It is like a footage from security camera.

Thanx for really great and constructive reply, I needed this in order to get better at interior design, I will work on this! Thanx again!

Hello Isus,
What I like about your scene is the lighting, but I would get rid of the light spot at the back of the couch, which is a little bit distracting. Also you seem to have a green tint over the entire image, is this coming from the HDRi? Do you have a wall behind the camera? (If yes, this video might help you: link)

I also like the walls,Id maybe suggest you to remove the flower texture from the left and right wall and just leave it at the back, its a little bit too much.

What looks strange ist the scaling of the objects, while the size of the floor texture and the shelfs look ok, the couch and chair look a little bit too big.
But that may be due to the position and the focal length of the camera (which isnt ideal, I’d move it down, It doesn’t look natural).
For the focal length I’d choose someting between 15mm and 30mm. In my current WIP I chose the focal lenght to be 24mm.

The design of the different furnitures seems a little bit oldschool, but I dont know if you were aming for superduper sleek design, or trying te replicate your own living room (which would be totally ok).

Looking forward to see more, very good start so far. :slight_smile: