I’m adding CG to live action footage, and the live action footage is interlaced. Is there a way to make the CG interlaced as well. If you know, please tell me, it would be well appreciated.

couldn’t you just de-interlace the live footage?

I could, but i’m going for more of a really rough look, so i want the movie to be interlaced.

2.49 and earlier had interlacing available, I dont see it in 2.5. Make sure you get the field dominance right too. Otherwise you get a weird strobing effect.

EDIT: its hiding under the Post Processing tab and you can choose odd or even for feild dominance. According to Apple support “DV-NTSC, DV-Pal, and Targa 720x486 NTCS are all Lower Field Dominant… Generally, Upper Field First is used by 640x480 systems, while Lower Field First is most common in professional 720x486 and DV 720x480 systems.” Upper in this case is Field 2 or Even.