Intermediate Blender Python Game Series - FREE if Subscriber Goal is Met

Hi everyone,

I finally ran out of energy for posting Blender tutorials and must move onto other subjects. However, I still have an extended tutorial series in reserve for getting grounding in basic math, physics and Python programming, so new and intermediate users can gain a quick grasp of the power of the game engine.

I have the tutorial on my SciFiAnimator web site as a premium tutorial, but if you guys can help get the word out please, and if I reach my goal of 10,000 subscribers on my Sci Fi Animator channel on YouTube (a.k.a. FirstGradeCalculus) by May, 1, 2014, then I’ll just post the series on YouTube for everyone, during the month of May (I have a super-slow upload connection). Plus, I’ll make the important blend files available via my web site or otherwise. It’s about 7-8 hours worth of tutorials that covers logic bricks, vector math, Python, sound, etc., and the blend file can serve as a powerful template for getting starting with your own games or simulations.

I just need your help to spread the word. Thanks much.

Here’s a link to a video that shows a little bit more about it:

Here’s a link to my YouTube Channel.

Very nice! Definitly need for me.