Intermediate Modeler/Animator needed for game(MMORPGish) development

I guess I’ll start with explaining what the project is since half of you probably clicked this just to yell at me for making an MMORPG. It is an online animal role playing game, we have around 16000 registered members, in-game usually hovers around 30-50 people online and it’s never been higher than 150ish. So it’s not massive and you don’t need to yell at me.

It’s not a professional project, it’s just a project started by friends for fun and it’s been going on for about 18 months.

What we’re looking for:
We’re working on a big update/remake of the game and we really need someone that can help us with making new character models. We need someone that can model and animate semi-realistic animals. There are blends for you to use as a base that are modelled, rigged and animated.

Here’s some random in-game screenshots to give you an idea of what we’re looking for.

What we’re offering:
It’s more a question of what do you want and we’ll see if we can do it. We’re looking for someone who just wants to work with us out of kindness, boredom or just for your own learning purposes. You can just throw your blends at us and leave or you can join our team and all its silliness if you want.

You can have all the recognition/credits you want, you can throw it on your resume, you can use it in your demo reel.

If you want to ask questions or need more information you can PM me.

Still looking for more help

Im curious to know what game engine you are using for this game,im usually more into FPS and hardsurface kind of things but if you have a few concept sheets, pictures or a list of some models your looking for i will see what i can do.

Engine is OGRE.

Right now we could use help fixing up or remaking a feline(lion-ish) model we already have. Then we’re looking for canine/feline variants, hyena, sabertooth, wolf and so on, but we’re also interested in things like a dragon(think Toothless).


Im not to familiar with the ogre engine and b4 i could commit to anything (if you havent already) you should take a look over at
plenty of animal models like lion, bears and dragons etc.

I’m aware of blendswap, but even if I use something from there it would still need to be modified to work in the game. It needs to use the same rig/bone names as the other models, have all the required animations and have materials set up in a specific way to work with the character editor.

most people yell at aspiring game devs when they post to recruit for a MMO project and they have never made a game before, but they are “a writer with XXXX ideas and have played games for XXXX years so they know what makes a good game!”

18 month old project with consistent online presence = successful IMO. Congratz!

Thank you (:

I will help.
Modelling is my speciality but I can texture as well.

I’m bumping this now since I’m basically looking for exactly the same thing again, someone to improve and create new character models.

It has ended up being split into a separate game since it started going so far away from the old one. Right now we’re doing some alpha testing, so PM if you’re interested in helping.