Intermediate Modelers Needed for Small Start up of 14

A team of about 14 have come together to create an adventure game. We are really organized, have programmers, a couple of modelers, audio composers, a concept artist, story writers, etc… Our website is still in development, but we have a domain and a forum. If anyone is interested, I can give you more details. We need more modelers that can model organic figures such as creatures, people, and landscapes. If you can’t but can model inorganic and are still a skilled modeler, don’t hesitate to contact me. Its really hard to find a diverse, skilled, and organized group so don’t miss out on a great opportunity!

You can contact me on here or email me at [email protected]


Awesome 2 new recruits anyone else?! Now a team of 16.

Good organised group of people. If you are skilled modeler or any type of artist you should definately join this project

Do not trust this it is ran by 19 year old who has went way over his head
and is already using a TM and for those who don’t know what TM stands for TM=Trade Mark which has to be purchased it is not legal to use TM or Consider yourself as a company without the proper documents and license.

And not to mention not only is it ran by 19 year old but they have people from other countries Working for em and kids under the age of 18 another thing that is not legal.

If you join these people you are taking a chance at getting fined by the because the So called company is based in the U.S.

Already There main Finance person Which was Glynn has left the team along with there webmaster i think his name was robert who also has there domain locked till payment and a person who was doing sounds Paul. Because Brian had got so many people in there that are not even based in the united states. and that he considers them self as a company.
They have no money support they keep promising a loan that will never come to pass.

If you join this group you are taking a risky chance that will cost you more in the long run fare warning.

I sent you a PM.

Especially when you want 'em to work for free.:wink:

How would you know that they don’t have the proper documents and licenses? How would you know that they did not pay for the TM? :confused:

the ‘kids’ working for him are doing volunteer work, they can leave whenever they want to. No one is paid yet, they are just people with the same interests. Why is it not allowed to work with people from other companys?? :confused:

C’om on really can we try to be professional?! I’m looking for people who aren’t yet established 3d artist who do things on the side, looking to prove their skills who couldn’t get paid to do this yet. We aren’t asking for them to work for free this is a startup company and they are coming in on the first level. Everyone has to start somewhere. And if they were looking to be paid this is in a the VOLUNTEER forum for the worlds stake! gosh… I haven’t lied and aren’t deceiving anyone, thats why we continue to grow. And since when does age matter? what difference does it make he’s 19, if he knows what he’s doing then so be it. They can join and gauge, if they like, they can stay, if not then they can go. They really have nothing to loose. I have about 3 more interested and 4 committed, we are actually making progress so if your looking to help please pm or email me. Ignore the trolls…

cause my friend was doing work and i was there whole time you are not that organized 1.
2. you use the TM mark which is not legal.
3.this is why the company wont go anywhere you got a 19 year old who’s balls has not dropped yet the kid is 19 about to be kicked out of his moms place he has no job no girlfriend and no life his life is based on games. He knows nothing about how to handle a buisness kid has never worked a day in his life.

facebook was started by a 19 year old with a vision. also, i have seen some amazing things on youtube by ppl around that age. but anyway, I’m also recruiting. Pictures of my game can be found on the Esenthel game engine website under the forum named Showcase and the thread named Fate of Lysian. GoodLuck to ya’ kid. I know great things can be created by young ppl.