Intermediate particle hair question


So I’m moving on from balls of hair into trying to put hair and fur onto some more complex shapes, and I’m having a few problems.

I’d like to have two different areas on the same mesh use different lengths and motion specifications for the particles. I want them on the same mesh for ease of RVK animation. Both the Particles tab and the Particle Motion tab have a “VGroup” field… but I don’t see how to use these with more than one vertex group. I’ve got two vertex groups defined now and I want to apply different particle settings to each of these.

(edited out a second question which I figured out myself).

Thanks very much for any tips.


You create two groups. One to specify where hair is located (and how dense) which in this case is in two places. You create a second group to control how long the hair is in these two places. You can also create control curves in these two areas to control how the hair moves. Besides that, all the rest of the properties are shared between the two areas. You will have to create a second mesh to use as an emitter if you want some of the other properties to be different between the two areas.


Thanks very much for the reply. Actually I’m stumped already at the part about two groups.

So let’s say I have two vertex groups defined, called “body” and “face”, and I want the body hair length to be 30 and the face length to be 10. I want the density to be the same in both places.

So I create a particle system. I give it 30 in the “Life” field. I put “body” in the VGroup field on the particles tab, and I’m good to go except I have a bald face. What’s the next step?

If I try to just put 10 in the life and put “face” in the VGroup field then I end up, predictably, with a hairy face and bald body. So what I need to know is how to get the particle system to recognize multiple vertex groups, if this is possible. Or, alternately, if there’s a way to use weight painting to affect hair length but not necessarily hair density.