Intermittent flicker on second monitor


I have a problem with Blender 2.49 since I purchased a new, crappy EUR 50 graphics card (Gigabyte Geforce 210, 512 MB):

Whenever I use Blender on dual-monitor and stretch the window on both monitors, I occasionally get a very short “blackout” on the second monitor (around 20-30 ms; it’s often so short that it only affects a part of the vertical scanlines), and this is very distracting.

It only happens IF the application is 3D-accelerated, IF it is stretched about both monitors, AND if it is the ACTIVE application.

I’ve already updated to the latest drivers to no avail - and the problem didn’t exist with the old card (E-VGA Geforce 7600GS).

Any ideas what I could try to fix this, apart from getting a better card?