Internal equidistant Vertices Grid


is there a way in blender to create a equidistant Grid of internal Vertices?
So they have to stay internal and they shoul transform with the mash.


Show an example of what you mean so we don’t have to try and interpret your vague description.

It is hard to show, so i explain it with some pics.
If i have a subdevided cude like this:

I want to create a vertex in the middle of the cube. I created some edges to show the location.

The most important is, that if i transform the cube that vertex should stay internal.


After this transformation this vetex should be at my cursor.

add a cube and use array modifier in X Y and Z
and you get 3D topo
then remove doubles

happy bl

I understand what you’re saying, and there are some weird ways to make it happen, each crazier than the next. Can you give us a reason why you want this rogue vertex equidistant and functionally dependant on the location of other verts? What’s your ultimate goal here?

The array modifer is not sulution I earching for.

let me try to explain. I have to pragram a addon for blender for a traineeship at my university.
I have to create a cell structure while modeling a mesh. (This will be needed for some volumic calculations on a other programm)

My addon should support loop cut and extrude. So everytime I use one of these operations I have to save a additional face to separate two cell.

Something like this.

But if i add a real face there, i cant use the loopcut anymore. So i will add a “imaginary” face only for my internal saved structure. Now ich have to cut these imaginary faces on my own. This is doable for me. But if the mesh become more complex i neet do add some imaginary vertices.
So assume the selected faces on this example are imaginary. This results the middle imaginary vertex.

The problem is now that these imaginary faces have this one imaginary vertex which is only in my own additional vertex list. This vertex will never move when the mesh will be transformed.

I searching for a way to define this imaginary vertex as a real one that stay internal in the mesh. Because it would destroy the volumic calculation other way.
A equidistant distance between all these vertices would be nice.

(Sorry for my probably bad english)

I think i found a sulution for my task.
The idea was from an originally particle method named “follow the leader”.

So if the mesh transform I will iterate a few times between all imaginary vertices and set everyone’s new position as the mean of his neighbours. This put on the right position even if the mesh was rotated.