Internal faces, no normals revealed

I’m working with a convex object made of faces, but there are some faces inside the object and will be seen only through transparent sections when rendered.

When I turn on “Draw Normals”, the normals are not revealed on any face that is behind another face.

How can I see normals of faces that are completely surrounded by other faces?


Are those internal faces necessary? Because they can cause trouble in your mesh later on. Clean meshes are the way to success. :wink:

The internal faces define the inside of a plane’s cockpit, covered by a transparent canopy.

I extruded the edges of the canopy downward to create the inside of the cockpit. The normals point outward, but must point inward to work properly in my renderer. I’ll just reverse them all and be done with it, unless someone has another solution.

Ok, that should be fine unless you use a subsurf modifier.
This is the result of internal faces when using subsurf.: [ATTACH]50887[/ATTACH] :no:
Reversing the normals should be what you can do.
Thanks redjay. See how I extruded (light yellow lines) downward from around the edges of the canopy, into the body of the model. It’s working perfectly, but I had to bring it into the game engine to find out the normals were reversed, that’s all. Blender is great.

Glad I could help, just watch out if you use subsurf.
Have fun,

Consider making the inside a separate mesh. Select just that part and press p will separate it. That way you can simply just work on that part alone.