Internal Path tracing -- Caustics teaser

For the one on the top I rendered at 1280x1024 with no OSA, then i applied a gaussian filter (radius = 3px) then i resized. While its just a bit blurry, its a small price to pay for eliminating a good deal of that damned noise! :smiley:

Wow, great job on that, you should be considered one with the most promising of all blender projects

Thanks :smiley: :smiley:

Tho Pwetty :o

Holy friggin crap BlackMage!!

This is one advancement that needed to be added. Excellent work.

When will we see this integrated? Any idea?


No clue… but i hope it makes 2.37!

No clue… but i hope it makes 2.37![/quote]
If it does then I might as well not use blender until that time because I could be using the GI and caustic thing a lot in my images. :slight_smile:

great tool. caustics are always missing in my metal work when i work in blender. so does the metal shader. blender needs a metal surface shader!


get working on that!

I hope you get it done i time for 2.38 (i doubt ton will let something like that into 2.37)

Veery cool :slight_smile:


thanks! :smiley:

Path tracing is too noisy to be practical for caustics though (as you see)… im looking at photon mapping atm :slight_smile: