Internal, render layers with alpha textures


There is a tree, about a hundred leaves, two sun lamps and some fog. And there is a texture with an alpha channel used for leaves. The leaves render well, I have just turned down specularity which was causing some of the leaves to show their rectangular planes… The main problem persists in trying to render the fog:

I have the basic scene set up in Cycles on layer 1 and smoke region in internal on layer 2. I read I had to do it this way because Cycles didn’t support fog, but am now stuck. When rendering fog it is masked based on topology of layer 1, not textures, so the end result looks horrible because of the sharp and edged holes in the fog. How could this be fixed?


Use UV mapped leaf geometry rather than rectangular planes.

Is there a way to do so without hand-modeling each of the hundred leaves? I’m talking about (particle) automation, or anything that would copy/multiply the element to the same places the current leaves are at?

Are the leaves the same ?

If so you can make them all linked duplicates. Make one leaf to the correct shape, uv unwrapped and with the correct material. Select all the other leaves, then shift select the correct leaf so it is the active object (last object selected) and press Ctrl+L to link Object Data. All the leaves are now linked, change one and they all will change

Thank you for the valuable input, though I would like some further explanation for the linked duplicates.

I might have been too hasty in marking this post as solved - I did so after finding that the linking process did link some test planes I made, but when I tried to use it on the other leaves their locations reset to some illogical coordinate and… became one object. I had them all joined under the same name before. I tried separating them out into individual mesh objects but the results were similar. It might even be due to some rectangular bounding box I can’t get rid of. product of some random key shortcut I pressed and had no luck in correcting. I thought I should mention even though I doubt that is the cause. I tried with an older version to the approximately same result.

I’m running on 2,68a, it might still work for someone else.