Internal Rendering incorrect Colours

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I haven’t been able to find a thread discussing this but I can’t imagine I’m the first.

I’ve noticed that Blender’s internal renderer doesn’t accurately reproduce texture colours. I’ve done a simple test with an object textured using a flat Red colour made in photoshop. The object’s material is set to ‘Shadeless’ so no lighting should affect it. When I bring the rendered image back into photoshop, it doesn’t match the original texture colour.

Has anyone got any ideas/experience/reasons why this is? Perhaps Blender cannot read colour-profiles.

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EDIT: Ah, found the problem. The colour profiles don’t match. Not a big problem but an annoying one.

Blender pre 2.5 has no colour management system. I’m not sure what it uses as output profile to 8bit formats but Log is available via Cineon & DPX and HDR is an option too if working at higher bit depths.

Blender 2.5 introduces internal Linear workflow & basic colour management thanks to Broken. Limited to a choice of sRGB or Linear output. Or using existing functions like HDR or log via Cineon / DPX.

What profile did you end up using out of interest?

Have you tried linear exr from blender pre 2.5 into photoshop?

Not that it really relates to your problem but lack of profile occurs when rendering video through FFMpeg. FFmpeg doesn’t add the colourmetric profile to the header of the video file so video players make a guess at how to interpret the colours.

You could try gamma correcting the output, and if you are using image textures you would have to gamma correct the input as well.

Have a read at this for more information:-

As yellow said, it shouldn’t be a problem from 2.50 on. In fact, if you build your own Blender there is a link to a patch near the end of the above thread, and a link to a Windows build.