Internal scrolling

I assume this is a bug, rather than an intended feature of the new design, but in any case it’s a useability-threatening issue that I wanted to mention.

I’m getting internal scrolling in my threads. Individual (even very short) posts are getting their own vertical and horizontal scroll bars and getting compressed to very small spaces. I can often see only the user-header, sometimes not even that, and I have to literally scroll through individual posts to read them.

I am using Firefox on Windows.

Yeah - don’t get me started on why I use Linux over Windows… so no Internet Explorer for me. Even if Iwas on Windows I’d most likely opt for Firefox.

I get the same problems using Firefox.

I also prefer the old colour schemes to the new one. lack on a tint is easier on the eyes than black on stark white.

Let’s leave the colour scheme alone shall we? It’s all been said in a dozen pages of critiques so it’ll either change or it won’t. Discussing it again here will almost certianly result in a lock.

As for the scrolling, I see two distinct “effects”.

Firstly, as a page downloads, I see scroll bars around the content. Since I’m currently running at 30K, the download is slow so the scroll bars hang around quite a while. Then, when loading is finsihed, they usually disappear.

However, I also get scroll bars around any post with an advert embedded into it and all that usually shows is a small part of the ad, not the user post. The vertical scroll bar is only as high as one scroll button. I have to resize my browser window a bit - every time, either way - to make these go away. I just noted as I looked further down my reply page that both the Topic Review and Posting Rules windows had scroll bars on them too. Again, resizing “fixed” it.

I’m using Firefox 1.0.7 on Mac OS 10.3.9 (I originally assumed it was my old FF causing the problem but apprently not). Timothy did say they’re using updated vBulletin software so maybe it’s buggy or they’ve used features that aren’t well supported yet?

I’m using Firefox also. I found that maximizing the screen (F11) gets rid of it. It is annoying. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a forum with this problem before.

Steve S.

I’m using firefox on windows at this very moment and I have no problems. Can you post a link to a thread that shows the problem?


Strangly enough I have only had that internal scroling problem on Linux machines… ??? … running Firefox.

It seems like nearly all of them have it least one post that’s scrolled. And it can be rather random as to which ones it is. I’ll visit a thread and several posts might be scrolled. Then when I come back to it later they might not be scrolled.

Steve S.

I don’t seem to get it after having installed the stylish and greasemonkey scripts. But as Steve S said, it didn’t seem to have any specific places it was showing up. It would show up in many threads, and then disappear when the browser was resized, but not every time. A bit hard to say. If I can detect more of a pattern I’ll let you know.