International Fonts and color picker problems

Hi everyone. First of all, sorry for my English. :smiley:

I have the following two problems:

  • A performance issue with the “International Fonts” option in the system tab. On my home PC this option does not work as expected. Blender starts VERY slow, and in adition to this, once the starting is complete, there is a delay for every action I do :mad: , especially expanding menu tabs, controls and so on. It’s disturbing. My computer is a Gigabyte (i don’t remember the serie :confused:) with a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 Ghz, 8 GB RAM DD3 and an Intel Internal Graphics Adapter.
  • The color picker not working at all. When I select any pixel I want from screen, I get a black result.

It has something to do with the internal chipset? The funny part is that these issues apper to be ONLY within my PC. I have some friends with laptops using internal chipsets as well, and they don’t have this problem.

I’ve tryed with several recent versions of Blender. Currently am using Windows Seven x64.

Anticipated thanks for reading this.