International Sites / translation tools

Hi, I know this is not new news. Looking through the websites section, I started going through the International Web Sites. became a vaulable translation tool.
OK the Chinese translation is a bit funny:eek: :D.
The main point is there is a huge International Community of Blender Users and it is well worth the effort to search through the sites to see what people from different cultures are modeling and such.
The BlenderCN (chinese site) has a wonderful gallery.
The Blend.Polis (german site) is full of great stuff.
The 3dzine (Brazilian (Portuguese) has the best model of a Dodge Viper
I Ever Saw. No Debate. Hard to match that work.
There are many more.
Most of the translations are fairly good.
There are many large forums also.
Anyhow check them out for yourselves. Very Very Good.

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