International woman's day present

Well I guess that this “international” holiday have any special meaning only in my CIS countries. Like when a husband that behaved like a pig whole year makes an exception for his wife for a day, well just to be dead drunk by the end of it.

So this is my answer to such people. Russian text can be translated as “Ivan Fyodorovitch always knew a way to make that holiday UNFORGETTABLE”.

Before tons of post-processing and photoshop it was a grainy cycles render.

ps. It’s a joke, I wish all the best to the girls, just can’t stand mass hypocrisy in my homeland.

очин харашо! (I am not sure if I spelled this right, I am Macedonian :wink: ) I find it funny that this day is still celebrated in former socialist countries, however it bears a message that is to be respected. Congratulations to all Blender gals around!


I like! . But is it that women liked?

Is this a reference to Brothers Karamazov? If so, wouldn’t Fyodor Pavlovich fit better? Anyway, not bad, and at least you put some thought into the concept!

No there is no reference, just generic russian name.

Everyone, thanks for the warm words about my work.

I loved this awesome…

The blend is awesome, but the kitchen tools ins’t…