Internet connection, mmorpg, account etc.?

Hey. I am kinda newb in blender. But I wanna know if it is actually “possible” to make a on line game in blender, with a possibility for the players to create a account and have some data with that.

I know Bzoo and I understand I need to know a LOT of python to do this. But before I start researching a lot I wanna know if it’s really possible.

Ow, and can you make a way to play it right of the site? Like for example Robot Rage and Runescape.

Thx a lot already =]

yes you can do networking but it won’t be easy. No you cannot have it in the browser (unless someone fixes the webplugin or you’re willing to use Blender 2.5 or so, but you’d have to give up all the cool new features that have been added in the last 2 years)

hmm… oke, thx. Then I think I’ll just wait till bug get fixed =]

woohoo go runescape!!!

Well, if you bzoo is around then shouldn’t you know its possible?

I wrote a tutorial for using servers with blender; Creating a Server for a (Blender) Game
If you’re looking into making an online game and don’t have much direction yet then I suggest reading it (after learning some python).

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It is possible to create an online game in blender. But it takes a lot of experimenting. I don’t think anyone has ever finnished an online game in blender, but there have been a few good attempts. I suggest yor learn as much as possible about python before attempting it yourself.