Internet Connection

I was just wondering, what types of internet connections are you people using at home?
Here, in South Africa, we’ve got pretty expensive and unreliable connections.
Anyway, I’m using a wireless connection @ 128kbps. It is the most cost effective and reliable available. It has a ‘cap’ of 10gb/month, meaning I can’t download more than 10gb of data per month and cost me about $100/month. ADSL, which is the most common here cost about $190/month and then you have a 3gb cap and 512kbps.
OK, I know, its a 3rd world country, so what do you expect. Yet I can’t help but thinking that the internet is an excellent medium for education. Education is obviously important in developing countries.

Cable modem, the fastest available here : 10 Mbits/s theoritical, but I’ve downloaded 500-600 Kbytes/s quite often. 1 Mbits/s in upload. No limit otherwise, although 10Mbit * 3600 seconds * 24 hours * 30 days il a limit in itself.
Price : equivalent 55$ US/month

Thanks for your post which should remind all of us lucky ones that there is a whole 2/3 of the planet of up and coming users of tech that, for the moment and some time to come, have limited resources. So html tutorial still have a future compared to video tutorials.


Surely you mean R100/month and not $US? 56k modem here is $24/month with unlimited access (about the price of a Black Angus steak) whatever that is once you’ve converted.


I got a similar connection as IamInnocent but its ADSL (download 400-600). It’s about 40 euros per month and I’m also limited to 10gigs transfer per month which can be very annoying compared to the Cable service I had in Houston which was faster ( 600 +kbs/s ) I’m pretty happy having a high speed connection. I couldnt go back to a 56 k anymore :S

I’ve a 20mbits/sec(download) 1mbits/sec(upload) (both theoritical) connection, and I’ve downloaded at 3-4mo/s on some servers, for quite big downloads. It costs me 30 euros / month, with no limit.

At home I have 1MBit Cable connection. Along with telephone line rental and free evenings and weekends calls package it costs £15.99 so about $30US per month.

BT line rental is ~£15 per quarter, so the internet side is about £11 per month, or $20US approx.

It is limited, by about a few gigs per month, maybe 10gig…

Oh, and it is a 12 month introductory offer, after that it is £24.99 per month…


Well, I use a good old 56K modem, that packs an amazing 5KB/s punch! :smiley:
It costs around $50/month for 100 hours of internet access… everything above that costs extra. That gives a download limit of approx 1.6 GB/month. So thats about the record here, anyone care to beat it? :slight_smile:
At least at school on the 10/100 ethernet I get downloads of around 4-5 MB/s in ideal conditions.

At home I have BT 2Mb ADSL, provided by IBM free since my Dad works there.
At uni, it’s very, very fast. Yum.

Wow, $100 a month for 128kbps with a download cap? I think you are getting ripped off. But since you are in South Africa, that might actually be a good deal, I don’t know.

I have a cable modem, and pay about $40 dollars a month. I’m not sure what they say I am supposed to get, but I just ran a bandwidth test and I’m getting 2976 kilobits per second.

6Mbs down, 500kbs up (cable). Both are stable at those speeds. And, there is no cap. $40.00 per month (USD).

56k modem connects at 26.4 kbs and downloads at max 3kbs if lucky usually 1.5kbs and i cant get dsl where i live
it sucks but i have unlimited use and is 60$us a year

well I have about the same as IAMINNOCENT. about 40$(CAD) per months, and I get download speed of about 300-400Kbytes/s easely…often more than that

as far as I know, here in Québec we have some of the fastest and cheapest internet connection in the world…I was quite surprised when I heard that some time ago…but now that I hear about other place in the world I feel kinda lucky as hell!

Here in Germany, hello to the world form Berlin, the prefered internet connection is via DSL. If you have telephone (16€/month) a DSL connection (1Mbit) costs you 15€. Additionally you have to choose an internet provider for about 5€ (flatrate). The annoying thing is that you often have to pay about 50€ if you change the provider (some kind of ‘customizing-fee’). If you like you can easily order a common 6Mbit (sometimes even more) connection which would be around 25€ then (flatrate costs stay the same). For myself I think 1Mbit is fine. This in fact 120kbit/s with a ping of 70ms. I’m quite happy with it. That way I pay all in all 40-45€ for phone+internet (exclusive mobile phone costs, of course). But the greatest advantage is that you don’t have to worry about online-time when you lounge in forums. I’ll never accept time based offers again!

I have dialup for $9.95 per month. Unlimited hours. I go up to 10KB/s in download something… But drops to 2.5 depending on the website. If I need to download something big I go to the local public Library, with a flash drive.

No, I mean R650/month which is +/- $100.
A 56k modem is cheap, +/- R100, then between R70-R150/month for dialup connection from your ISP plus telephone bill. That’s for dialup connection. If you use that very sparingly, it will cost you about R400/month ($60)
Internet bandwidth is limited in South Africa, yet the price of pc hardware is not bad - pretty much the same as the US or UK.

I’ve a 100Mbps connection here. It does surprise me that so many still use 56k now. I know 100Mbps isn’t ‘normal’ but it came with the room I hire (student flat). But lots of servers are too slow and I rarely come above the 7%. Although the internal network is as fast as light :slight_smile: How much it cost? I don’t know, but not much :slight_smile:
And at my parents place we have 6Mbps.

600Kbps down 300kbps up. Cablemodem, very consistent speed at all times. For the equivalent of $35.

That speed allows for a very decent voip connection. I even bought an analog telephony adapter. Considering that the long distance phone charges which used to go from $40 to $80 have gone to almost nothing, I am better off paying for broadband even if it is not so cheap.

wow! I cant believe in the middle of nowhere wyoming, we get cable(3meg down 256k up) for about 40-60 US$/ a month. DSL is about the same, the most expensive being 80. and thats SDSL512. Wow. I’m suprised for being literally in the middle of nowhere. I live in wyoming’s 5th largest city… a whopping 16 thousand people… Unfortunately I’m stuck with dialup for the moment, but I can get T1(1.544Mbps) speeds out at the college for free.

ADSL 1.8 Mbit.

I want ADSL2+… >20 Mbit = Drooling.

:Feels Sad At Slow Internet:
Blender Takes An Hour And A Half To Download…:Extremely Sad:
10-15 Mins A Mb To Download…: Depressed:

Edit: Did you know if you type and “:” and then a “D” you get :smiley: